IMG_5343Hi there! My name is Rachel, and I am a twenty-eight year old middle school teacher in my seventh year of teaching language arts. I attended Rowan University for both my undergraduate degree in Education and for my graduate degree in Writing Arts.

This past year has thrown me a few curve balls: I’ve gone through a break-up, had to find a new roommate, and have questioned many of my life choices. It felt like one negative event after another would occur, much like a person continuously getting knocked over by waves in the ocean. Before I could fully regain my balance, another wave would hit, and because many of these obstacles have caused a great deal of pain and confusion for me, I decided that it was time to find joy.

During a very low emotional point, I reached out to a good friend of mine who encouraged me to start a Joy Jar. The Joy Jar, she said, was simple. Each day, find something good that has happened, write it on an index card or post-it, and place it in the jar. Then, as needed, go back into it to feel motivated and positive.

I was so impressed with the idea that I promptly ran out to A.C. Moore and bought mason jars for my language arts classes so that we could start our own Joy Jars. Despite the fact that I also bought a mason jar for my own, personal Joy Jar, I decided to go about it a little differently…

“Happiness Is” IS my Joy Jar. Each day, I will reflect on events, individuals, etc., and write about a small moment of joy that I have experienced that day. I know that I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed and stressed by life. This blog is my attempt at offering comfort to others who feel the same way that I do. I truly hope that it offers you a glimmer of hope and a smile or, at the very least, can be a life-preserver from the over-whelming and, often, chaotic ocean of life.